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LiveLead is the UK's only sales lead generation system designed by, and ran by Procurement and Supply Chain Specialists. Save Time, Save Money, Win More Business - Hassle Free.

Don't waste time searching hundreds of different Tender Portals and websites.

We know what it's like to spend so much time looking for sales leads to keep your business alive and ahead of your competitors. That's why we have put hundreds of sales leads sources in one place saving you time and money Our Automated Data Gathering System (ADGS) ensures that all of our sales leads are up to the minute accurate because we target the source of the project at the beginning rather than those in the supply chain when the works gone.
Gareth Alexander
Gareth Alexander
CEO & Founder
Gareth has over 20 years of in-depth experience and knowledge of developing, implementing and managing cost-effective global supply chains in the public and private sectors. His knowledge of continual improvement and cost reduction strategies have ensured his clients continue to assess their business needs to reduce costs and obtain funding to grow.
Gareth started The Marketplace to help SME’s benefit from his knowledge and experience he has gained in larger organisations.
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