Is planning just for construction companies?

Kylla • 4th Oct 2019
Is planning just for construction companies?

Definitely not, planning is the “Golden Goose” for many types of businesses, in fact it’s rare that we can’t find suitable leads for a business regardless of the sector or industry they are in.

It’s all about “thinking outside the box”. For example, we work with a recruitment client who supplies clerical staff to businesses. They search our national database for new office applications, applications to change use to office and refurbishment of offices to find the address, plans, application forms and contact details of the applicants and their agents.
This allows them to start talking to them without being in a rush to sell their services to them right now, because they know the contacts will likely need their services in the next few months. Their sales pipeline is always full. 

The office search is great and used by many clients. If you provide goods or services into office projects or completed offices this search is an absolute goldmine.

Another great non construction related industry we work with is security. As well as showing security companies where all the new construction sites will be, we can also identify opportunities for alarm companies, CCTV, Door Entry and Gating systems and lots more.

And then there’s marketing, signage, IT, bid writing, damp proofing, landscaping, windows & doors, mechanical & electrical (M&E), furniture supply, fit-out, concrete forming, plant hire……..get the picture?

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