What is Tender Clarification?

Kylla • 4th Oct 2019
What is Tender Clarification?

Tender clarification (also known as bid clarification) is contact between the buyer and the bidder(s) purely for the purpose of the buyer clarifying aspects of the tender which are perhaps ambiguous, inconsistent or unusual. The buyer will normally publish all questions and his/her answers to all bidders to ensure they all have the same information and understanding.

Once all tender bids have been received, the buyer may wish to clarify some aspects of the bids during their tender evaluation (for example, if parts of the bids are unclear or contain minor errors). The buyer may also seek clarification on matters of quality performance or particular terms and conditions of contracts.

If a clarification is required, the Buyer will contact you directly in writing through the tender portal/system with their clarification question(s), confirming the deadline date and time by which you need to respond.

During the clarification process, buyers will respect bid confidentiality and will avoid unfairness to potential suppliers.

Negotiations in relation to price or other areas should not take place, and an audit trail is maintained by the buyer to ensure that the process remains fair and transparent.

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