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Councils being made to reveal infrastructure levies

Kylla • 2nd Sep 2019
Councils being made to reveal infrastructure levies

Councils will be required to publish an annual report on the all the community infrastructure levy (CIL) agreements entered into with developers from December 2020.

New planning practice guidance has also been published, which seeks to simplify advice on the CIL regime, helping developers and others understand what is required.

Restrictions will also be eased to allow councils to fund single, larger infrastructure projects from the cash received from multiple developments, giving greater freedom to deliver complex projects at pace.

Current housing minister Esther McVey said: “The reformed community infrastructure levy (CIL) rules will help developers get shovels in the ground more quickly, and help the government meet its ambition to deliver 300,000 extra homes a year by the mid-2020s. The rules are designed to support councils and give greater confidence to communities about the benefits new housing can bring to their area.”

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