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Ensure Your Sales Strategy Survives Covid-19.

Jason • 16th Mar 2020
Ensure Your Sales Strategy Survives Covid-19.

Ensure Your Sales Strategy Survives Covid-19.


With such a massive and sudden change in our working lives over the last couple of weeks, sales teams across the country are in dire straits.

It is no longer “normal” practice to meet for a chat with your network to build those relationships, and instead, we are all being encouraged to isolate ourselves as much as possible.

Companies all over the UK and beyond are making serious decisions which will significantly affect their ability to secure future sales.


It is times like these that many companies will not make it through what could be months of upheaval resulting in a drastic drop in sales.

Like in many similar times such as the 2009 crash, the weak will fail, and the strong will survive. Those companies that can adapt to new ways of working will succeed and come out of this stronger than ever.

Looking ahead rather than to the immediate is the right strategy at this time as there will be a limited amount of things you can do which deliver right now. What you can do is ensure you have a solid pipeline for the future, and you can spend this “downtime” to fill your pipeline with good qualified sales leads which will deliver once the world has stopped going crazy!

It’s fair to say, in most cases the Coronavirus is not that severe, unless you are elderly and have underlying health issues, yet the impact on our world has been more significant than we have seen for many years.


So how do companies make sure they are one of the “strong” and survive the Covid-19 epidemic?

Well there are ways to do things differently, such as use video conferencing and the telephone to have those discussions that would normally be face to face, and email etc. but nothing will be as effective as the chat in which someone just mentions something which you identify as a possible lead which just won’t happen on a teleconference.

Then there are technologies such as “Salestech” which provide systems to identify sales opportunities from the immediate to perhaps 2 or 3 years into the future. Salestech helps you fill your pipeline from anywhere with an internet connection at any time of day.

Sales funnels take a while to fill and always seem to empty at a much quicker rate. It is imperative that businesses keep filling their funnel during these challenging times, as it will be far more difficult to start from scratch once the impact and restrictions have died down. A lot of businesses won’t even be able to continue should this be the case.

My advice would be to start looking at opportunities that will come to fruition in 3 months time and onwards. This gives you adequate time to build the relationship, quote and mobilise readily to deliver the contract.

Don’t forget we do business with those we “Know, Like and Trust” so don’t go in all salesy at the beginning, build some report first! Companies can use Salestech to keep filling their pipelines and be in a really great position to come out of this in a far stronger position than the one they entered it in.

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