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LiveLead providing help and support to UK business during lockdown #payitforward

Gareth • 29th Apr 2020
LiveLead providing help and support to UK business during lockdown #payitforward

We are currently in unprecedented times and every business across the UK has been affected and impacted by the coronavirus. 

Over the years, we have received a lot of support and goodwill from various people and organisations along the way. So we have decided to “pay it forward”, and offer free use of the LiveLead sales generation system to all UK businesses to help them fill their sales pipeline whilst the country is on lockdown. 

We anticipate lockdown will continue until the end of May. But we will continue to review it in line with the Government’s guidelines. 

LiveLead is a sales lead generation platform that provides its customers with visibility and access to almost every public sector tender and planning application lead in the UK. 

LiveLead helps our customers to find tenders and sales leads opportunities easily and before their competitors, speed up the sales process and win more business. 

LiveLead is used by a wide range of companies from across many different sectors. From construction to marketing companies and from health and wellbeing providers to product suppliers. LiveLead provides visibility and access to all types of tenders and sales leads.  

By providing this service free of charge while we are in lockdown. This will hopefully give all types of businesses a chance to fill their sales pipeline and get access to tenders and enable these businesses to hit the ground running when everything goes back to “normal”. 

To register and get access to the LiveLead sales generation system, just send an email to

I have included a link to a video that explains more about LiveLead;

Best regards and stay safe.

Gareth Alexander

Chief Operating Officer

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