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So it's here at last!

Jason • 4th Oct 2018
So it's here at last!

It seems like such a long time ago when we realised that there were over 500 tender portals in the UK, and nothing linked them together. Worse still, Contracts Finder only has a fraction of the UK's tenders on it!

It seems like such a long time ago that we decided there needed to be a UK wide grant funding database because if we were sick of hunting all over for grants for our clients, others must be too.

It seems like such a long time ago that we realised what a seriously underutilised source of “Early Warning” sales leads planning applications were. We’re not just talking about construction types businesses here, there are so many innovative ways to use this information.

We were so impressed by the millions of opportunities that exist by utilising these sources of priceless information we decided to develop a bespoke web portal to bring these sources all together in one place.

After running a tender process, we awarded the software development contract to Pilonce, who are based in London and have developed websites for the likes of Jamie Oliver, Caffè Nero, Autotrader, Dorchester Hotels and many more. This was a serious project and needed some seriously talented “geeks” to get it done.

As I write this, we have just “gone live” and we have around 10 million opportunities on our LIVE UK Database. It really is a “One Stop Shop” for your sales leads. These numbers will increase over the next few days as we switch on additional data sources.

We also looked at other services offering a part of what our portal offers and realised how expensive these services were. We have made sure our service is priced at a point that SME’s aren't priced out. There are a number of subscription/payment options so no reason for the service to be out of financial reach for pretty much any business.

As always, we expect there may be a few teething issues, and further tweaks to make it even better, but it’s there, it’s working and it’s ready to help you grow your business!

Have a look, and please send your feedback to


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