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The Marketplace gives a tendering Lesson 4 Life

DIANE • 26th Mar 2019
The Marketplace gives a tendering Lesson 4 Life

Lessons 4 Life is a not-for-profit organisation who is passionate about delivering free emergency first aid training to schools and community groups in Hull and the surrounding areas.

They approached The Marketplace looking for help to provide advice and support to complete their first tender bid, something they knew nothing about and wanted to get exactly right first time.

Allison Middlemas, Company Director of Lessons 4 Life, approached Gareth and Jason because of their reputation and knowledge in guiding businesses through the tender bid process.

She says: “They listened and took on board the processes we use and values that are important to us as a company, to enable us to complete a tender application that was bespoke to us. We knew that we could rely on them to deliver a high standard of professional work.”

By their own admission, Lessons 4 Life’s knowledge of the tender process was limited, and they were grateful for the team’s patience, taking time to explain the process in language that they could understand. The Marketplace advised on how best to approach the tender bid process and gave invaluable advice on processes and stages they needed to go through to achieve a positive outcome.

Allison added: “The work that Gareth and Jason completed has become an integral part of our working practice at Lessons 4 Life, and it has enabled us to successfully complete both tender bids and grant applications – thank you so much!”

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