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The Marketplace helps us build our business

DIANE • 25th Feb 2019
The Marketplace helps us build our business

Our client's are always at the top of our 'to do' list and it's really great when we get positive feedback for a job well done!

SBR Refurbishment has been using our sales lead generation service, here's what they had to say about The Marketplace:

"As a local construction firm, SBR Refurbishment works with property developers and private home-owners to redevelop, refurbish and restore all types of residential and commercial property.

They are experiencing rapid growth, and as part of our on-going marketing strategy, The Marketplace portal has produced fantastic results, generating good quality leads which turned into new business for us.

After signing up to the portal, the team at The Marketplace guided me through the website, explaining how it works and how to search the system. For use in the construction industry it is very simple, as it gives instant access to UK wide planning applications and tender requests.

The small investment to access the portal is an absolute no-brainer. Within one month we have already won three jobs which are all local HMO refurbishments. For an additional fee, The Marketplace can also write tenders and represent SBR Refurbishment in planning meetings.

Overall, I would recommend The Marketplace portal for any type of business. This is ideal for start-ups, but also established companies looking for more work."

Thanks so much Sylwester Raczynski, Managing Director at SBR Refurbishment, we appreciate your kind words and look forward to workiing with you to grow your business.

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