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Time is Money, How Much Are You Wasting?

Jason • 16th Nov 2018
Time is Money, How Much Are You Wasting?

So, as I sit here on this misty Friday afternoon, I have a warm sense of achievement, as I do most days. I am happy with the progress we have made as a business, and the clients we have helped find more business and obtain grant funding to make sure their projects get off the ground. Gareth took part in a "CEO Sleep Out" for the Emmaus charity (see ) last night, and is today attending a full day of personal development and networking.

My week has included attending a "Business Planning Masterclass" by the amazing Craig Wilkinson of The Elite Business Academy (see ) #EBAcircle, and a lot of strategic planning.

It got me thinking though, and you may remember a while back that I did a video on how I had wasted my time at a deceptively advertised networking event. It got me thinking about how valuable the time I have spent working "on" the business rather than in it has been this week. We have made great steps forward, and have detailed plans on how we will continue to give a great service to our clients, whilst growing at a significant rate.

Networking is essential in any business, but there is certainly a lot of events and groups that are pretty much a waste of time. I have recently evaluated the events and networking groups I attend, and made some changes. Some of them were just pure "Time Bandits" and had to go.

Over the years we have tried all manner of networking groups, including 4N, BNi, BforB, Chamber of Commerce, Elite Business Academy, Association of Small Business Owners (AoSBO) and lots of independent ones too. We currently invest our time at BNi South Cave(near Hull), AoSBO at Scunthorpe and The Elite Business Academy at Leeds and Sheffield.

We would personally recommend these groups and welcome you as a guest should you wish to attend. So, make sure you invest your time wisely and have a great weekend.

Jason Kay, Director

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