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Boy, Am I glad I Found You!” said a new client recently

Alexandru • 6th Aug 2018
Boy, Am I glad I Found You!” said a new client recently

So why was he so pleased to be working with us? Well, John runs a pretty successful SME business and submits the odd tender with varying results. A few weeks ago he was bidding for a really attractive job when he was recommended by another client of The Marketplace to speak to us about it.

John ended up taking up our ‘Bid Review’ service, where we check over your bid before you submit and give you “Buyers View” feedback on how it can be improved to give you the best chance of winning.

Unlike a lot of ‘Bid Writing’ services, this service is much lower cost, and is carried out by a Director level Mcips qualified procurement professional, who has spent nearly 20 years evaluating and awarding hundreds of bids for lots of different organisations. This means we know what the buyer is looking for, and that insight is invaluable.

The result……John was so happy because he won the contract!

If you would like to have a chat about how we can help you, email Jason Kay on or give us a call on 01652 631510

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