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£200m ten-year vision to regenerate town

Sam • 11th Feb 2020
£200m ten-year vision to regenerate town

Dewsbury’s £200m vision launched

Dewsbury town centre is set for a massive boost of up to £200 million within the next decade.

The investment comes after yesterday evening’s Dewsbury Blueprint launch at the Town Hall set out by Kirklees Council.

The 10-year, £200 Million vision aims to create a family-friendly, active, accessible, and attractive town centre.

Council leader Shabir Pandor (circled) said: “You’ll see key projects in Dewsbury begin very soon with consultations on the market improvements and Town Park starting later this year.

“Planning has been granted for the development of Field House into apartments, and a café and restaurant directly opposite the station, and we’re making progress on other projects included in this exciting plan.

“We’ve [also] secured funding for a multi-agency community safety and policing team specifically for the town centre.”

The investment will see a revamp of the famous Dewsbury Market, a reopening of the town arcade, business accommodation development with plans to improve Empire House, more small units for creative businesses, and a proposal for a brand new office complex located on the underused Cliffe Street Car Park.

With thousands of students attending the Pioneer Higher Skills Centre, opening in September, Dewsbury is expected to become an active and vibrant place, with more people shopping and spending time in the centre.

There are also plans for three new green areas; a town park on Long Causeway, and pocket parks on the current 23 Northgate site and behind the market.

The development of Daisy Hill into a high-quality residential area is expected to attract professionals with disposable incomes looking for luxury accommodation at a commutable distance from Leeds and Manchester.

Councillor Peter McBride, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Regeneration, said: “By 2030, Dewsbury will have benefitted from around £200m of investment.

"In addition to our own funding, we’re looking to secure investment from the private sector, government and the combined authority to achieve great things for Dewsbury Town Centre.”


First Published: 07.02.2020

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